1. Adjust your work stand clamp to fit the 1”square tubing of your Freak Beak and start off with angling your clamp at about 20 degrees .

2. Use the black plastic knob on the front of your Freak Beak to adjust the desired length . Bearing in mind if you adjust it to far out ( lengthening it ) your tool can separate into two pieces and possibly fall on the bike damaging it .

3. Make sure you have enough of the ½ inch threaded rod threaded into the single hook side of your tool before attaching to the bike .

4. Next adjust the width of the front hooks using the adjuster screws . Hook the front hooks around the handle bars . Hook the left side single hook under the seat post clamp.

5. While holding onto the front half of the tool with one hand . Pull on the front plastic knob to cinch the tool together drawing the front hooks and rear hook towards each other.

6. Next tilt the four arm slide nut so it releases then slide it to the left towards the front of the tool.

7. Un-tilt the slide nut then turn it to the right while holding the plastic knob still , this will draw the tool together securing it to the bike . ( Be careful not to over tighten as you could damage the bike ) .

8. Now you’re ready to clamp the freak beak into your work stand jaw. To help prevent accidental damage to a bike we recommend not removing the work stand jaw if it’s a removable type . Leave the jaw secured to the work stand at the proper angle then lift the bike and guide the front portion of the Freak Beak 1” square tubing into the jaw , adjust the jaw and clamp like you would on a seat post .

9. In the event of installing a dropper seat post use the included Velcro strap to wrap around the bike frame and the left single hook. Remember without a seat post in the frame the seat post clamp can slide up off of the seat post tube causing the bike to slip out of your Freak Beak. To prevent this wrap the included Velcro strap around the frame and the left hook tightly.

10. TIPS . When attaching your freak beak to a BMX bike it is helpful to turn the seat 90 degrees so the horn of the seat will clear the freak beak . The Freak Beak is wonderful for keeping the handle bars straight while bleeding brakes in a more vertical position . It allows you to put adult trikes in your workstation . It’s great for cluttered seat post bikes , dropper post bikes , suspension post bikes , short post bikes . You can also hook the left hook around the seat post itself if the seat clamp is compromised .

11. Things not to do , do not rotate bike upside down while using your Freak Beak , do not overload your Freak Beak with unusually heavy bikes such as Gas powered bikes etc , Do not clamp on your Freak Beak with excessive pressure as you may damage your Freak Beak


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